We recently participated in the travel photo challenge; 10 photos for 10 days no explanation. World wide walkies nominated us and I nominated A year of Kayaking to participate from one of our posts. Now Year of Kayaking has started a new challenge; 10 wildlife photos for 10 days:

I had so much fun with the travel challenge, I decided to go through my wildlife photos, and post the ten I like best. ….If anyone else thinks this sounds like fun, join in and let’s have fun!

I thought we would join in, it does sound like fun. I think anyone who might be interested is free to join in so feel free and lets go for it.

5 thoughts on “Wildlife photo challenge #1

    1. Yes, a pelican looking down on a couple of ducks. Always fun going through photos, thank you for issuing the challenge.


  1. I did think about joining in, but when I had a quick scan through my photos I was lacking in the wildlife theme. Unless you count the kids – they do get a bit wild. These challenges have really highlighted what I don’t take photos of – something to keep in mind in the future.


    1. S and I have been very fortunate to be in places where we can take pictures of some rare wildlife, such as the platypus. I find all sorts of wildlife fascinating and will photograph them as much as possible. I have pictures of spiders, butterflies and dragon flies through to bird life and marsupials though we have yet to see a koala in the wild. I also do the same with flowers. I did take a lot of time selecting these ten and I glad you can enjoy.

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