5 thoughts on “Wildlife photo challenge #2

    1. Because we keep intruding on their habitat they are moving more and more into urbanised areas, they are not generally very popular but I have to confess my sympathy is with the bats. They are lovely, social little animals but unfortunately they can sometimes carry lyssavirus which is a disorder like rabies, so they are not popular when they move into urban areas. My sympathy is with the bats though, they are crucial to our habitat and we are destroying more and more of their traditional territory. That photo comes from a colony that is actually in town, they caused a huge outcry when they established themselves in one of our parks but fortunately the council did not give into the hysteria and the bats have stayed.
      These fruit bats tend to nest in fairly large, family colonies and are crucial pollinators in Australia. A lot of people don’t like them but I have a bit of a soft spot for them, if we didn’t have them people would soon notice the difference, their loss would devastate our environment as they are our principle forest pollinator.


      1. Thank you! I like the information; it gives me context. I was disappointed when the bat departed from the side of my house – but I was trying to put siding on it, and it didn’t work putting it over the bat!

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