The Autumn 2021 Eco Book Box will be available for order from early February, with dispatch no later than the 3rd of March.

We have some pretty cool products planned for this box, including samples of a native relaxation tea I absolutely love and now use as part of my daily wind down routine from Roogenic native teas A product from local native bush foods producer Native Oz Bushfoods . Another product from Washpool skin Wellness. And of course a book, this time it will come wrapped in a sustainable BCI cotton tea towel. The picture is just for illustration at the moment and does not reflect our final product, an updated image will come soon. You will also receive the seasonal Zine and a bookmark. If you would like to reserve a box please go to the book box page and fill in the reservation request.

If you missed out first book box Summer2020 you can read about it here.

A lot of thought and research is going into the choice of book for our boxes so hopefully the book will always have appeal to most readers, even if everyone does not always agree on the virtues of the book.

I have to confess it has been hard to choose a book and while we aim to get the most recent releases I have decided that sometimes going back a little bit is not a bad thing, in order to get a book that should have broad appeal. 2020 saw the release of some great titles and our next box will contain one of those titles. A fantastic read, bit of an eco thriller, with an element of romance, a novel tied to our eco theme and providing food for thought. I found it to be a page turning read. Our first book choice was a literary novel, this one has a more popular vibe.

I am curious, how do people feel about fiction versus nonfiction? Just thought I might conduct a bit of additional research hence the survey below. Would love to know what people think so please also feel free to answer the survey and also to leave any further comments of suggestions via the comments. Would love your feedback even if you don’t subscribe to subscription boxes, ours or any other. What would get you interested into subscribing to one?

The box is only offered in Australia and actively seeks to promote local, independent producers of quality products whether they be food or personal products. Sustainability and environmental responsibility is what underlies the ethos of the box.

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