Just the quick weekly BookSnap, I seem to have lots to read at the moment, friends keep lending me books and I always feel I have a duty to read and get them back as soon as possible, so trying to get through a few titles at the moment. This week’s book snap is a title that intrigues me and I am looking forward to reading. Do you remember the old black white movie The Ghost and Mrs Muir or the delightful 1960s tv series of the same name? Well this is the book that inspired both; The Ghost and Mrs Muir by R. A. Dick, first published in 1945. Really looking forward to seeing what the original Captain Gregg is like. Afraid I always preferred the Edward Mulhare version, (tv series), of the Captain to Rex Harrison’s version in the movie although it can be said that any incarnation of Captain Daniel Gregg is compelling.

Last year while traveling back up the east coast of Australia we took one of those impulsive detours off the highway and discovered the beauty of Seal Rocks. At the height of the point there is a lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers house is now managed by NSW parks and the cottages of the lighthouse keeper and their assistant can now be rented for short stays. When walking around the cottages and lighthouse I was reminded of Gull cottage in the Ghost and Mrs Muir and I wondered if the portrait of a gruff sea captain graced the walls and could a spirit haunt the cottages.

Seal Rocks in a magical location, isolated and undeveloped, long may it stay that way!

One thought on “So many books – so little time

  1. I do remember the tv series! I didn’t know there was a b/w movie or a book though. Great props in the photo. Lighthouses have such interesting history, although I don’t know that I would want to live in one. Might be a bit isolated.

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