Medieval tapestry

Ok I think that look sums up the past week. I have been a bit snowed under of late trying to get things done and work has been a bit on the hectic side but thankfully the new Autumn book box is all ready to go. Afraid design does not come naturally, so with Bronte’s help and much playing around with Canva we have a finished Zine ready to go. I am just glad to have a finished product ready to deliver. So if anyone is interested just go to the book box page, or (if local just contact me and I will arrange drop off and payment to your preference). When those down swings in mood (depression), hits it is a bit like wading through waist deep wet concrete, but I made it, now things can get back to normal and I can again catch up on blogs and blogging.

5 thoughts on “Some weeks you are just glad when it is over.

    1. Thanks, Karen I have nothing to complain about. It seems like the NDIS brings out the worst in some people when they see the disabled as just another way to make a buck.

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      1. Absolutely. And the process is just so exhausting and dehumanising for families and for service providers too, who really do care about their clients. It’s also frustrating to see how, in a way, the NDIS actually facilitates this kind of exploitation.

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