“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

File:Deputy Secretary Higginbottom Poses for a Photo With Dr. Jane Goodall and the State Department's Global Health Diplomacy Director Jordan in Washington (22365513310) (2) (cropped).jpg
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This is just a quick post to share some great podcasts. I only recently discovered Jane Goodall’s marvellous Hopecast and thought this was something worth sharing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by climate, environment and political issues these days so Goodall’s hopeful response to challenges is something worth celebrating. You can find the podcast on any of the usual apps or check it out here: https://janegoodall.ca/the-hopecast-jane-goodalls-podcast/

Podcasts are great for listening to in the car or while walking. If I am having trouble unwinding and getting to sleep and can’t actually concentre on a book, podcasts are also great to fall asleep too, although I usually have to come back and listen again to those ones.

The ABC is a fantastic source for great podcasts and another of my favourites is Off Track, a delightful combination of environmental science and the sounds of nature. Well worth checking out and available on all the usual apps.

Do you know of any great podcasts? If you have any suggestions please leave a comment I am always looking for great podcasts.

6 thoughts on “Podcasts worth sharing

  1. I’m a bit new to podcasts. Curiously, I featured in one before I ever listened to one! I shall definitely check out Jane Goodall’s; I have had to self-isolate from the news and feel anything but hopeful about the climate, so some positive vibes will be most welcome!

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    1. Podcasts are great, free content, boredom busters. I know what you mean about the news, some days I just can’t face it anymore. I find I have hopefully days, I am starting to see some change but it is still a daunting task trying to bring about enough change to mitigate the disaster we are heading towards. Goodall is about celebrating the positives while not denying the huge challenge in front of us.

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      1. There is no doubt that there are challenges ahead, but it’s difficult to feel positive when there are so many greedy people who simply won’t make the changes necessary. Some good news is always welcome – and I am now a convert to Podcasts. I just listened to my own and it wasn’t too embarrassing…!

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    1. I figure the benefit is even if I don’t fall asleep I might learn something and sometimes focusing on what they are saying is enough to get my brain to switch off from other things and next thing I know I am out, but the next day I realise I have to go back and listen again. ABC’s Big Ideas is another great podcast worth listening to.

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