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This is just a very quick Saturday post. Podcasts seem to be the thing at the moment. Do you keep seeing this when you log into WordPress?

Grow your audience with a podcast

Easily turn your blog into a podcast with Anchor — the world’s biggest podcasting platform.Create an Anchor account

Wondered about giving it a go? I know I have, but not quite brave enough yet. I did just notice another blogger I read, Deb at Deb’s World, has had a go and the result is impressive, click the link and check it out. It is a funny thing but podcasts seem to have been a bit of theme this past week. Last Saturday I shared a link to Jane Goodall’s wonderful Hopecast and during the week Jackie at World Wide Walkies was interviewed on another podcast. I greatly admire Jackie and Mark’s lifestyle and the choices they made when faced with early retirement. Jackie also writes wonderful books about their adventures.

It has been a bit of a busy but dull week here and I just thought I would use today to do a quick post to share links to fellow bloggers who inspire me.

Has anyone else had a go at creating a podcast? Or do you know any great podcasts you can recommend, feel free to leave a comment and a link.

9 thoughts on “Inspired by so many other bloggers

  1. I’ve looked at anchor podcast and liked the idea of the text to voice option. That’s when your blog is read by a voice of your choosing, and it seemed like an easy way to get into podcasting, but when I listened to a preview it sounded a bit robotic and there wasn’t an Aussie accent to choose from.😁 I don’t think I have the time or the voice for podcasting at the moment but maybe one day.

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    1. Yep most of the apps that will turn text to voice are not great I am afraid. I think reading it yourself is the best option and I hate the sound of my own voice so that is out, at least for now.

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  2. Thanks for sharing my podcast Sharon, I’m surprised at how easy it was but I now have to continue converting other posts! I really enjoy podcasts and follow loads for when I’m driving.

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  3. I’ve not really had much time to listen to podcasts and doing my own would be the last thing on my mind. I don’t like the sound of my voice either and what would I talk about? Think I’ll just stick to writing for now. Perhaps next semester I will have more time to listen to some podcasts and see.

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