Just a quick Easter Sunday BookSnap. I have never really totally outgrown children’s books, I love the wit and wisdom one finds in a good kids book. They make lovely coffee table books and can bring a smile to a reader at any age. I couldn’t resist Chris Edser’s The Drop Bear. Beautiful illustrations and a bit of an eco message:

…Beware … If you bring loud noises, foul smell, disturb the bushland animals … or worst of all, leave behind your mess … Flumpth…You guessed it. You will be dropped on.

This is a lovely book, the illustration is gorgeous and hidden amongst the pages are a selection of some our amazing and unique creatures.

Not sure if I will keep up #BookSnapSunday, I might go back to a more random approach to book posts.

Just for fun who remembers the Scottish journalist who got so well pranked while covering the Kangaroo Island fire disaster in 2020?

Happy Easter!

On a more serious note Toowoomba has it’s own branch of The Wilderness Society and one of their current projects is working with other local environmental groups to help plant trees for koala food since local carers have to travel large distances to locate enough leaf for the animals in their care. As part of the 2020 fire disaster, the local Peachy fire just north of Toowoomba, while much smaller than many of the fires from that summer from hell, nevertheless, left animals injured and homeless. The lack of feed trees for the injured koalas highlighted the need to plant more koala friendly habitat. Habitat loss is without question the biggest threat to koalas in Queensland. The new Toowoomba Wilderness group manned a stall at the farmers market yesterday to promote the koala tree project and as a bit of a membership drive for the new Toowoomba branch of The Wilderness Society.

One thought on “Happy Easter #BookSnapSunday

  1. We’re never too old for a great children’s book. Perhaps you could just drop the Sunday bit and make it a more random and whenever #BookSnap. Or maybe just monthly. I think the idea of encouraging creative book photos is really good and we can certainly all take that into any book review that is posted. A meme should be fun and if it is starting to feel onerous or that you feel your blog is morphing into something more book oriented than your original goal, then perhaps it is time for a rethink. I must confess that sometimes I feel I am doing a lot more book posts than I originally intended, but then I often find books a good way to engage in a special topic or international day or so on. Above all, it should be enjoyable for you.

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