Due to some terrible timing and a bit of a delay with a product, the winter box is slightly delayed and everything is a complicated by the fact I am taking some desperately needed leave. On the positive side if anyone would like to contribute anything extra to the zine you now have a bit of extra time to submit something if you would like.

The delay is largely my own fault due to a lack of clarity on my part, no excuse. Have to confess I am in desperate need of the leave. I was trying to get everything fixed and organised, boxes sent out before going on leave but it is not looking like it is going to happen so I have decided with some regret to just put the winter box on hold until the end of the month. Really sorry, wish I could be like Douglas Adams and enjoy the whooshing sound deadlines make as they go by but I just feel stressed and annoyed with myself! Really need this up coming break, time away from screens and people, a bit of bush time to re-charge and re-group.

The box is coming but it will now be a mid-winter box.

5 thoughts on “Deadlines – delays and escape

  1. Hope you get to completely relax & unwind during this much-needed break, Sharon. Thank you for still taking the time to read my latest blog post! Love your quote from Douglas Adams. But don’t expect too much of yourself- it seems that you achieve a lot…..Emily, on the other side of our beloved Earth. Xx

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