I have been a bit slow with updating the blog of late, but slowly catching up. To be honest, life has been busy and I caught some bug which has left me feeling exhausted, thankfully not the dreaded virus which seems to be running rampant again. So since I am feeling so wiped out at the moment this will be a short post, mainly images.

After Winton we continued on the QLD dinosaur trail and headed up to Hughenden for a couple of days, couldn’t come all the way to Winton and miss out on the other fossil hot spots. Hughenden is famous for the Muttaburrasaurus, anyone who has visited the QLD museum in Brisbane will recognise this dino, discovered just down the road a bit at Muttaburra, hence the name. The Flinders information centre houses other fossils and for $5 entry fee you do get to see quite a collection although mostly marine fossils, things like ichthyosaurs and ammonites but well worth seeing. The Flinders centre is also the tourist information centre.

Around town Hughenden, celebrates it’s dinosaur identity with sculptures and models like the life size model of a muttaburrasaurus, simply called Mutt and pictured above with my own mutt Ada.

Marine fossils are the norm above Winton and their zenith is to be found in Richmond with the stunning collection housed at Kronosaurus Korner. This really spectacular collection is well worth the visit with multiple significant marine fossils, including ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, ammonites, assorted fish and the fearsome kronosaurus. This is a collection of surprising breadth and like The Age of Dinosaurs Museum it is largely the handiwork of graziers with an eye for the past. Magnificently presented, with fossils, models, video and even computer generated 3d graphics to bring the past to life. It is a wonderous place to visit.

Western QLD is a pretty amazing place, filled with captivating natural history both past and present and gorgeous landscapes. There was so much more we could have done and visited but had to head back to work, would love to spend longer in this part of the world. And if you have dinosaur inspired kids, Western QLD is definitely the place to visit.

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