BrothersNBooks and the World’s Coolest Readathon

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Reading is a life saver, a life enricher, as essential as oxygen to some of us, which is why I thought I would share this really cool project, started by a currently serving army officer. The project is BrothersNBooks started by Captain Dylan Conway after he was incapacitated for an extended period due to a serious back injury. Unable to pursue normal activity, Captain Conway threw himself into reading with the same determination he pursued his pre injury activities. He realised that reading helped him cope with the challenge the injury presented, and further realised that reading offered an important element in dealing with any kind of trauma or challenge. In addition, reading contributed to making him a better soldier. From the experience he created BrothersNBooks on Instagram, to allow military, emergency service personnel or just anyone with a similar experience a space, to share their reading experiences, share stories and to recommend books.

As part of the project BrothersNBooks donates books and sets up community libraries in spaces where the books are needed or could make a difference to someone. If you would like to know more about Captain Conway and the awesome BrothersNBooks you can check out this link:

Or check out this great podcast: BrothersNBooks, bibliotherapy and the world’s coolest readathon – CAPT Dylan Conway

It was via Instagram that I discovered BrothersNBooks. From there I discovered the current project which is a readathon to encourage reading and raise funds for Legacy. For those that may not know, Legacy is an organization that supports the families of service personnel.

Now as someone who inevitably has their nose in a book whenever and wherever they can, it seemed like a good idea to join in with the readathon. In fact it seemed like a good idea to encourage some work colleagues to form a team and join in. The readathon is called the 5 in 50 challenge and has been running since the 1st of September. the idea is to read 5 books in 50 days and in the process fund raise for Legacy.

I set up a work team: USQ library reading phoenix team, I set our goal a bit on the low side, didn’t want to set an unrealistic goal to start and that was it. The team members shared to their networks and I put a notice on our work community email board and that was it, we started reading. We had the fun of sharing our reading lists and goals, watching others and participating in weekly challenges. I just pulled 5 titles from my TBR and used them as my 5 in 50. It has been a rewarding experience, I have discovered some interesting people along the way, the list of people I follow on Instagram has grown a bit as a result. I sincerely hope the event returns next year cause I can’t wait to do it again, but in the mean time if anyone would like to sponsor our team and make a donation to Legacy just go here:

and check out our team mascot, my reading buddy Ada, hard at work as ever. ( My principal role in life seems to be providing that hound with a comfortable place to nap).

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