Just a random Cassie and Ada happy at Woodgate picture.

And another month ends and I have failed to keep up with posts. Life seems to have slipped from my grip at the moment. Well, that has to change and the end of the year is a pretty good time to recalibrate and re-establish discipline.

It can become a bit of a vicious cycle when you let conscious control of your time slip through your fingers, at least it does for me. I find myself staggering between commitments, always tired, never refreshed. Exercising less, eating badly, sleeping badly. Feeling depressed. So holding myself to account! No excuses!

I think I had been using the temporary closure of the local pool as an excuse for not swimming, (I could go to Highfields), and the attitude of drivers to bikes as a bit of an excuse to not get on the bike. NO MORE!

On the positive side I did get a long weekend at the beach in October and was so busy just being in the moment I didn’t bother with taking photos or anything except, relaxing, swimming and sleeping. Went into that weekend feeling run down and ended up with a cold but there was no way I was going to let that spoil that weekend. I desperately needed to wash off life in the ocean.

The day we arrived we took the dogs to their section of the beach first, so they could have a run. Not surprisingly after being cooped up in the car they went nuts and ran riot. Ada took off over shallow pools and sandbanks, relishing in her freedom and completely oblivious to my re-call. To be honest she probably couldn’t hear me over the wind and the water or didn’t want to hear me. She has so much pure joy in her ability to run and just be alive in the world, in the moment, and there were fish that needed to know she was back on the scene. She was having a ball, I was stressed and fed up with her disobedience! In hindsight, it was understandable I guess, but I expect a lot of the dogs in terms of their behaviour. They are too big and scary looking, not to be under control, although fortunately, we had the beach to ourselves, so it didn’t really matter.

By the time the dogs had finished their running, splashing joy, I was stressed and fed up, just wanted to go back to camp, get dinner and go to bed. Bron insisted that we just let G take the dogs back and feed them and we go for a swim. So glad she did.

The sun was going down. The tide was coming in. The sea was getting dark, cool and gently rolling to its own rhythms. Calm rolled in with that gently rolling water and I felt peace and serenity for the first time in weeks. I need to make sure I program in these breaks and stick to the program!

One thought on “Something like an update

  1. Yes, program in breaks, for you and your humans and your dogs! But you also should feel free to take a break from blogging, if it adds to your stress. I always enjoy what you post, but my world doesn’t fall apart if I don’t see you for a while. I love the last photo; the bounding joy of the dog is palpable. I might not come when called, either, although certainly I understand the need to have some level of control of large, scary dogs.

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