Getting the 2022 Gaia/nature reading challenge off to a flying start. Like last year, there is a short fun book bingo for anyone who would like to use it as a guide. You do not have to use the bingo to participate, just choosing to read any nature, environment or climate-themed book either non-fiction or fiction is all you need to do. You can share links to any reviews in the comments at Gum trees and Galaxies and you can review on any platform you like, ie, a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads or even just leaving a comment review here is cool.

Welcome to everyone who has signed up so far. Sharon suggested we share a fun fact or favourite quote from each book we read and I think that is a great idea so I will definitely do that for all my nature reads in 2022.

I have put a downloadable pdf of the bingo sheet below for anyone who might like to use it. Six squares with very flexible interpretation, pretty much whatever you think fits. The wonder of a child could apply to a book written by a younger writer like Dara McAnulty’s Diary of a Young Naturalist or a work of fiction featuring a child character like Pine a thriller set in the Scottish highlands where the main character is a child or an environmental picture book. Just some ideas but really you can interpret the square any way you like. I am planning on starting the year off with a feature on nature-themed reading for kids, looking at some wonderful picture books. I have worked in children’s libraries in the past and while I no longer have that direct contact with children’s literature I have never lost my appreciation of the beauty, humour and wisdom of great kids books. Picture books can make great coffee table books, (that is what I tell myself when I impulse buy them). Just before Christmas, the library I work for had some interesting nature-themed picture books added to our curriculum collection. It is a collection designed to meet the needs of education students but it also reminds me that no one is ever too old to appreciate a good picture book or too old to read to a child. Maybe you could share a great nature book with a child or donate a book to a literacy charity or a school as part of the nature challenge.

The second square; a deep dive could refer to any book that touches on ocean environments or maybe a detailed study of a very particular topic. Get Active can refer to either activity in the outdoors or environmental activism. I already have two titles on my TBR that fit both of those interpretations of that square. First nations could be any title by a first nations author or a book that features first nations knowledge, Braiding Sweet Grass is a perfect choice for this square. It’s a small world, could be a book that features either insects or microbes or any small occupant of our small planet. Into the forest could be a novel that features a forest setting, a book on forest environments or maybe a book about forest bathing. Feel free to go wild with interpretation.

If you are looking for ideas check out the ongoing list of nature-themed reading on the book list page. If you would like to sign up for the challenge just leave a comment and feel free to link back to any social media you use to record your reading, also feel free to use the challenge badge.

I have not finalised my reading list yet but I will definitely start the year with Why Rebel by Jay Griffiths and Questions raised by Quolls by Harry Saddler. I also want to start the year by exploring some books for younger readers including The book of Australian trees by Inga Simpson and The fire wombat by Jackie French. I plan to read at least one nature themed book each month but I will probably read more than 1 a month, nature in one form or another seems to be my preferred topic these days.

Have you decided on any titles for 2022 yet? What are your reading goals for 2022?

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