S and I originally had planned to go camping last weekend, unfortunately, due to all our favourite campsites being booked out, this did not happen. Instead, we took a Sunday drive to visit a nursery to buy some fruit trees. As we were driving into Gatton, passing Lake Apex, we happened onto the Heritage Village Markets.

The markets were small and due to a wind storm, many of the vendors were starting to pack up. But we did end up purchasing a couple of nice face masks and browsed through some very interesting craft items.

After helping to take one tent down safely in the wind, we went to the other side of the lake and stumbled upon the “Lockyer Valley Billie Cart Association” having a fun day. This was a lot of fun watching kids of all ages racing the many interesting billie carts down the hill. I think they had just as much fun going down the hill as being towed back up. Apparently, they are having an official race day in May. Check it out on the website linked.

We did eventually get to the nursery and bought the fruit trees to plant. Now just have to dig the holes.

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