Just a quick post to share the story and current plight of Peggy, Molly, Ruby and their human family. Peggy is a little staffy who formed an unlikely bond with an abandoned magpie chick who came to be called Molly, it turns out Molly is actually a male magpie but at the time that was a little hard to tell. Molly’s plight at the time caused Peggy to start lactating and even stranger, the magpie began drinking the milk Peggy was producing. Staffys are not known as the nanny dogs for nothing. Since those early days Peggy has had a litter of her own pups and Ruby is the pup that has stayed with her mum.

Like many I have been watching the unfolding story of Peggy and Molly and their unlikely friendship on Instagram. The daily posts from their human family has given me daily joy in what is sometimes a pretty joyless time. Recently it was revealed like many in Australia at the moment the family is facing eviction and loss of their home. A home they were intending to buy. We are in the midst of a housing crisis in this country at the moment. The added complication here, is the fact that, even if the family can find a new rental, it will mean Molly must be left where he is, as a wild magpie he cannot simply go wherever Peggy goes. Molly is also not entirely wild and has come to depend on the protection of Peggy and Ruby.

Another kind follower of Peggy and Molly has set up a GofundMe page to try and raise enough money to keep this unusual family together in the only home they have known. I have donated to the page simply because the daily posts of this usual family has given me so much pure joy. I am just sharing their story here and a link to the GoFundMe page in the hope the family will raise enough to stay in their home, it is such a small gesture of gratitude for the good news and joy I receive from their wonderful Instagram: peggyandmolly

If you are not already following them on Insta, do so, they will be a highlight in your feed. If you can, donate a small amount to the fund to keep the family in their home, just the cost of a cup of coffee will make a huge difference in the long run. Just sharing this with the hope that things start looking up for Peggy, Molly, Ruby and their human family.

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