Do you ever wonder what the future will think of us and our actions today?

G has been reading, American author K.B Wagers, action, sci-fi NeoG series, and was a bit surprised to read a reference to Australia’s Black summer of 2019 -2020 in the second book, Hold Fast Through the Fire. He shared with me and I thought the passage was powerful and worth sharing, (a bit of a language warning). This series seems like a great sci-fi read, but it is simply the passage below I want to share and ask how do you think the future will think of us and our actions today?

… “I think that the world was fucking ending and people still went about their lives as if it weren’t. Shit, Nik. If I’ve learned anything from all those memes and jokes in the early days of the Collapse, it’s that some people were screaming and the rest of them? They just went about their day. ‘The Collapse will be televised,'” she muttered spitefully.

Nika wasn’t sure where she was going with her off topic rant, but he knew enough to just let her get it out. She’d eventually hit on what was really bothering her.

“Did you know that in 2019 and 2020 there were fires in what used to be Australia where more than a billion animals died and still they didn’t do anything?” Jenks shook her head. “They called it Black Summer. It was the beginning of the end, but it was forgotten about so fucking quickly by the rest of the world. Shit, in part because of the pandemic that followed, but that didn’t faze them either!” She hooked her hands behind her head, grimacing at the pain. “I kind of understand it. It was too much to deal with. Part of me wants to just forget and go have fun like I always have.”

“Oh Jenks.” Nika closed his eyes as the pain in her voice in her voice spiked against his.

“I think humans are hardwired against our own self-interest. It’s a goddam wonder we are still alive. There were kids who tried to speak up about the looming climate crisis. Know what they got for it? Death threats and mocking. Told to shut up and sit down.

“And the adults in the room? They argued over the colours in reports and who would pay for what. It was always about the money, but in the end no one could eat that, could they? They made people go to work while they were dying. And here we are, right back where we left off with these fuckers doing the same goddamned thing. It’s all about money, and fuck everything – and – everyone – else.” (pp337-338)

2 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder what the future will think of us and our actions today?

  1. Very thought provoking – sad but true.
    The piece points out the saddest thing – that we actually know we’re heading for catastrophe, but still don’t do anything about it.
    If there is a future, I hate to think how we will be judged.

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  2. It’s a bit jolting sometimes when Australia ends up in an American or international novel. We can be lulled into a sense of obscurity, thinking we are just little fry in a big big world. But the fact that our natural disasters and climate change denying government make international headlines, and end up being immortalised in fiction, is quite sobering. People are paying attention and will hold us accountable for our actions, or lack of them. If only our government took more notice.

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