2022 has become my year of community. I am by nature an introvert who thrives on solitude, so becoming more involved in my local community is a bit of a challenge for me. One thing I have realised in light of government failures to deal with social issues , climate and environmental issues, is, that it is up to us as individuals to step up, reach out and find solutions ourselves. We need to know our neighbours and be ready to reach out a helping hand. Be ready to have civilised community discussions about how to make a better society and just set about building strong, inclusive, local community.

Our little street library is part of our commitment to being part of the solution. Inspired by bloggers like Brizzy May at Books and Bruschetta who also hosts a street library, earlier this year we built our own little street library and attached it to the front fence. Made almost entirely from recycled, repurposed elements, including the wood that forms the box and the glass door made from an old window picked up at the dump recycle shop. Painted with paint leftovers found lurking in the shed. The library lets us and others share books and hopefully build connections. We also made the top shelf of the library a seed swap shelf, so the neighbourhood could also swap seeds. It all looks a bit rough and ready, hopefully I will find some time to decorate it bit better eventually.

Check out the Street library organisation it is based on the Little free library movement in America but is Australian based. The video below explains all really.

Do you have a street library near you? It is a great way to share books and connect to your local community.

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