Word Fest Toowoomba

I have been slack of late, need to get myself organised. To be honest I have been reading a lot of Ukrainian history and have been a bit bogged down by the horror of the past and the present, but enough of that for now. Today I just wanted to share a link to Toowoomba’s Wordfest festival. Coming up this weekend are a heap of cool events, including the Family Festival of Words that is taking place at the library and the green on Sunday and the Warm Words in Winter event taking place at the Lighthouse on Saturday.

Warm words in winter has a heap of great panels, everything from memoir writing, to romance, audiobook basics for authors, panels on history, business, mental health writing and writing YA. Children’s writing kicks off the day with the first panel; children’s stories chaired by Gary Crew and featuring local, popular children’s author Rory H Mather. There is a panel on zines on Saturday and a zine practical workshop on Sunday at the family festival of words. Unfortunately I have to work Sunday afternoon so I will miss out on attending a lot of the cool workshops but I do intend to catch; The what is it about nature talk at the Lighthouse on Saturday. Nature writing is my passion, so quiet curious and excited about this one, plus my wild child is chairing the panel. You can check out the programme here: https://www.wordfesttoowoomba.com.au/warm-words-in-winter/

The local literary scene is looking pretty exciting!

image source pixabay

One thought on “Wordfest Toowoomba this weekend

  1. It’s so great to have local literary events. My hometown has our second “Words on the Waves” festival happening this weekend. I’m away visiting family so unfortunately can’t attend, but it gives me a warm glow just knowing our reading and writing community is gathering to learn and celebrate and support one another.

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