“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead

Missing in action yet again. 😏 Still here, still doing the Gaia nature challenge and updates are coming. Last weekend was supposed to be my re-set, catch up, weekend but that did not go quiet as planned, less said about that the better. Still adventuring, even if it is just short local adventures, posts coming eventually, ( I hope).

Just wanted to acknowledge some of the recent positives, like our change of government and the election of a record number of greens and independents running on pro-environment platforms. The election left me hopeful, instead of despairing. We now have a government that has made it clear it is willing to listen and work with everyone for the greater good of all Australia. A government with empathy and compassion, something we have been sorely missing in recent years.

Locally the campaign to protect Redwood Park has succeed in protecting what is an undeniably rich and wonderful little wilderness area on our urban doorstep. The Redwood success, demonstrates just what concerned locals can achieve when it comes to protecting such precious pockets of ecology in our increasingly fragmented and urbanised environment. Never think your voice does not matter, it does! Check out the story here: https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/council/toowoomba-council-votes-to-remove-redwood-park-from-mountain-biking-trails-master-plan/news-story/43b2eaf39054b73e59137b7c3b76d64b People like Hugh and Kay Krenske should be acknowledged as the community heroes they are! Their passion and knowledge lead the community in protecting this precious piece of wilderness in our backyard. Next step getting this area declared national park to ensure ongoing protection.

And now just a pretty sunflower picture taken locally at Warraba Sunflowers, who had an open field day recently. Recent rain negatively impacted the flower crop so the open field was a chance to recoup some losses. Wandering the Warraba fields for a morning was like forest bathing, only in a forest of giant sunflowers, who couldn’t be happy in a forest of sunflowers.

3 thoughts on “Building a better world

    1. Thanks for the link will check it out, easy to get pessimistic these days but it things do feel very hopeful again in my part of the world.

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