Hi everyone, G here and I have had first time experience I would like to share which is a little different to the general gist of this blog. To be a little different both B an I attended Supanova Brisbane 2022.

What is Supanova you ask? “Supanova Comic Con & Gaming has been the welcoming home of Australia’s pop culture fandom since 2000; a place where fans inspired by imaginary worlds emanating from comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, nostalgia and literature have been able to come together to celebrate. A place to rejoice in cosplay (‘cos’tume role-‘play’) in expressing your inner geek, your inner child.

Are you someone that will watch a movie or series and say “I would love to dress like that character!” or some one that will go all out to dress up for a costume event e.g. Halloween or parties. There are many, many people who are extremely imaginative and create a costume for themselves from a favourite movie, comic or TV character and want to share their creation. At Supanova they gather to show their creations and have a shared experience with others who share their hobby. S and I have had our own cosplay experience in the past through Steam Punk but this is the first time I have attended Supanova. It is well attended but I believe the crowd numbers were a little down after Covid.

There was a lot of shopping available with hundreds of stores selling merchandise or artists selling the wares. For those coplayers that have a wardrobe malfunction there is also the costume repair station with a Bob the Builder where “he can fix it”.

You don’t have to dress up to attend so it was fun people watching. I had fun taking photos of characters I recognised from series I have been watching and reading. I was initially a little apprehensive just stopping cosplayers to ask to take their photo but as long as you follow the photography etiquette rules and be polite, the Cosplayers are pleased to perform for you and discuss their characters. Please enjoy these peoples creations.

Supanova is a convention that brings out pop culture celebrities. Popular celebs include authors, artists and actors. This convention brought Alex Kingston aka “River” of Dr Who fame to Brisbane. Her photo session and Q and A session were extremely popular. Even though admitting she was jet lagged, she interacted very well with, at times, very leading questions from the audience.

And finally the cosplay showcase at the end of the day.

6 thoughts on “A new experience for November

  1. Cosplay conventions are great fun! As a longtime reader of Terry Pratchett’s books, I attend the Australian Discworld Convention every second year and it’s always a highlight (even if I’m not a very adventurous or accomplished cosplayer myself! The only outfit I’ve ever pulled together is from bits and pieces I found in Greece – and also in my kitchen. I go as Anoia, the goddess of things stuck in kitchen drawers)

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    1. Hi Sally, Both S and I are also avid Pratchett readers and was fortunate to attend the convention in Sydney that Terry himself attended. Didn’t cosplay but did really enjoy the company of those that did. Organised a group photo with Terry and a Cosplayer dressed as The Librarian. Great time.
      I have attended local cosplay events organised by our local library and did cosplay as a SteamPunk Hunter. Most people thought I was the hunter from the movie Jumanji. This was the first time attending a larger convention and I am hooked.

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