Gum Trees and Galaxies Book Box

Summer 2020

Our debut book box is available now; Summer 2020

Each quarter we release a book box that will contain a quality recent release book, an inspirational book mark, something to make or grow and a selection of locally produced, sustainable products. Each box is carefully curated with sustainability and environmental responsibility as the guiding ethos.

A quarterly book box is a great way to kick start your reading goals and to make some incremental changes towards a sustainable lifestyle.

We want to promote outstanding local businesses, facilitate a dialogue and build a community with a commitment to making our world a better place.

This our debut box, Summer 2020 contains:

  1. New release hardcover book by an award winning Australian author .
  2. An inspirational bookmark
  3. A fine food product from a local Granite belt producer
  4. A personal care product from a local producer
  5. A crafted eco product from a local maker
  6. A small envelope of seeds for the green project in the Zine
  7. The quarterly Zine: Summer 2020
  8. A link to the online community book group for the book/box
  9. $1 from the sale of each box is donated to charity. The charity for Summer 2020 is the Australian conservation foundation.

Box value is in excess of $55 retail but is available for $48.50 + postage