Fingal Head

Travelling in Australia gives us many opportunities to see interesting things and places. Fingal Head Causeway is one such place and somewhere that S wanted to visit through her compulsive researching. The causeway is an unusual geologic formation that deserves a personal visit, pictures while nice, do not do it justice. The headland itself is … Continue reading Fingal Head

The Finnish secret to life – Sisu

A Finnish ski patrol, lying in the snow on the outskirts of a wood in Northern Finland, on the alert for Russian troops, 12 January 1940.public domain,_1940_HU55566.jpg Sisu, (pronounced see-su), a special kind of fortitude that emerges when you have passed the point of what you think you can bear and yet you go on … Continue reading The Finnish secret to life – Sisu

Climate change and the information war

public domain Like many people this week, I was deeply disturbed by Senator Jim Molan's response to questions about climate change on Q&A: When pressed Senator Molan admitted he had "an open mind" on the issue of human caused climate change and when pressed for what evidence he relied on for his views, he admitted … Continue reading Climate change and the information war