Petrichor – a beautiful word describing something magical

public domain pixabay Petrichor is one of my favourite words, a rare experience these days, the fragrance of oncoming rain. For those unfamiliar with the term, petrichor refers to the distinct scent you experience just before rain falls. It is the fragrance of rain. And it is a word coined by Australian scientists; Isabel Joy … Continue reading Petrichor – a beautiful word describing something magical

Ada in the water

Just some gratuitous Ada images, our makeshift bird bath is not large enough to contain a growing hound but she certainly tried. Gary was doing some odd jobs before we leave for a long weekend at the beach, where Ada will get to see the big water for the first time. Probably our last camping … Continue reading Ada in the water

Apocalyptic fires

This is what happens when we ignore climate science, I really do not want to politicise the current tragedy but we must wake up to the reality of a changing climate and the everyday horror it will bring. Bushfire is an expected reality in the Australian summer but this is not normal: I … Continue reading Apocalyptic fires

Flight Shame, it’s a thing.

image public domain. source: pixabay I saw this fascinating story on the BBC site: Essential the story is about our growing awareness of the carbon impact of travel, it struck a chord with me. Check out the article and let me know what you think. If you have stumbled across this blog before you … Continue reading Flight Shame, it’s a thing.