Distance the pod has travelled; 8395 Km

DateFromToDistance (Km)
5 Oct 2019Toowoomba Woodgate Beach396
28 Sep 2019ToowoombaBenarkin107
9 Sep 2019ToowoombaToorbul190
23 Aug 2019ToowoombaGordon Country, Goomburra94
10 Aug 2019ToowoombaDalby109
22 Jul 2019BargaraToowoomba467
21 Jul 2019Cania GorgeBargara237
18 Jul 2019BiloelaCania Gorge113
17 Jul 2019Carnarvon GorgeBiloela318
14 Jul 2019WallumbillaCarnarvon Gorge298
13 Jul 2019ToowoombaWallumbilla310
30 Jun 2019ToowoombaMaidenwellCoomba Falls109
14 Jun 2019Toowoomba Queen Mary Falls129
31 May 2019Toowoomba Heifer Creek53
24 May 2019Toowoomba Hervey Bay359
10 May 2019KingscliffToowoomba215
8 May 2019Red RockKingscliff255
5 May 2019Seal RocksRed Rock336
2 May 2019Corrimal Beach NSWSeal Rocks344
30 Apr 2019CanberraCorrimal Beach NSW245
27 Apr 2019CowraCanberra189
26 Apr 2019Camp BlackmanCowra via Parks359
24 Apr 2019CoonabarabranCamp Blackman37
23 Apr 2019MoreeCoonabarabran386
22 Apr 2019Toowoomba Moree350
5 Apr 2019Toowoomba Cotton Tree215
23 Mar 2019Toowoomba Queen Mary Falls129
20 Mar 2019WarwickToowoomba85

(Please note that the full distance calculated is different from just adding up the distance column above. Some of the journeys are there and back while the distances shown are the one way distance.)