As someone who used to blog a decade ago I used to enjoy the occasional giveaway, both participating and winning, and hosting the occasional giveaway. Giveaways are fun. So I thought we might celebrate the coming holiday season by hosting a giveaway. I thought it might be a way to grow the blog while also … Continue reading Giveaway

Apocalyptic fires

This is what happens when we ignore climate science, I really do not want to politicise the current tragedy but we must wake up to the reality of a changing climate and the everyday horror it will bring. Bushfire is an expected reality in the Australian summer but this is not normal: I … Continue reading Apocalyptic fires

Rocks Riverside Park

S and I went to a birthday party for a niece's daughter on the weekend. The park where the party was held was a surprise and beautiful. Magnificent jacaranda's were in flower and the old architecture of the parks previous function as a brick works added to the charm. Located in the Brisbane suburb of … Continue reading Rocks Riverside Park

Re-blogging: Stop Shop & Support — Caravan Correspondent

Just wanted to re-blog Glenys' post on the importance of supporting communities through the drought. Glenys has also included links to organisations supporting rural communities. In the November issue of Liquid Life & Leisure Magazine online, you can find some real ways to help communities doing it tough in rural areas around Australia. The current … Continue reading Re-blogging: Stop Shop & Support — Caravan Correspondent


Creativity is the most important skill of the 21st century, important for problem solving and for well being, but we sometimes forget that we are all creative creatures, it is one of the things that defines us as human, the ability to meet the world with a curious mind and creative responses. Sometimes we need … Continue reading Creativity

This week’s book snap Sunday – Monet and the water lilies We have been walking in Laurel bank park, the pond with the water lilies seemed a perfect opportunity for book snap Sunday and Ross King's fantastic account of Monet and the famous waterlily paintings that grace the Musée de l'Orangerie. Really enjoyed this great read and it sparked a wider interest in the politics … Continue reading This week’s book snap Sunday – Monet and the water lilies