This months featured great blog and a little bit about snakes

Just continuing with my plan to once a month highlight great content and great bloggers, this time I want to highlight the writings of Ian at shojiwax check out Ian's post on Clouds: I especially love Ian's random musings, but his travel posts are great too, as a nurse Ian has posted some great … Continue reading This months featured great blog and a little bit about snakes

Carnarvon Gorge

Queensland has some great bush walks, some of the best walking in Queensland is in the central Queensland; Carnarvon Gorge National Park, where dramatic landscapes foster, striking flora; spear grass, grass trees and prehistoric cycads and ferns, and an abundance of fauna, including the often elusive platypus. Country of Bidjara and Karingbal people, I wish … Continue reading Carnarvon Gorge

Coomba Falls

Weekends are for exploring and getting outdoors, this last weekend we drove for just over an hour to spend Saturday night at the Maidenwell sports ground free camp, and then spent the day exploring Coomba Falls which are just over 2 ks from the campground, we decided to just walk from the camp. It did … Continue reading Coomba Falls

Queen Mary Falls

One of our favourite local camps and walks, is Queen Mary Falls, which is part of the Main Range National Park and about a one hour, forty-five minute drive from Toowoomba, just over two hours if you are travelling from Brisbane. This little piece of wilderness is an absolute haven and an invaluable escape from … Continue reading Queen Mary Falls