And a Christmas read When did we stop seeing the sacred in trees? When did they become nothing more than a commodity, or worse sometimes just an inconvenience? Woke up this morning thinking about trees. They seem to be haunting my subconscious at the moment. The clearing of old-growth koala habitat has been a bit … Continue reading Trees

A favourite Christmas book

#BookSnapSunday - Hogfather With Christmas fast approaching this weeks book snap could only be one book. My all time favourite Christmas read: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, and my all time favourite Terry Pratchett novel. Pratchett's Discworld universe is a mirror of ours, on the disc they celebrate Hogswatch, the equivalent of Christmas and instead … Continue reading A favourite Christmas book


So the Christmas tree is up and the great consumerist festival begins, I feel like such a scrooge these days. I am not christian, agnostic, with pagan leanings, would be the best description of my philosophical position but I have always loved the sense of magic at Christmas and I mean magic in a mystical, … Continue reading Christmas