Wilderness reading

Gaia/nature reading challenge update, with the end of the year rapidly approaching this will be one of the last 2022 updates, but will continue into 2023 with the new Gaia/nature challenge. I recently read a delightful account of Scottish wildlife in the remote Ardnamurchan region and an absolutely brilliant eco novel that I expect may … Continue reading Wilderness reading

2023 Gaia/nature

I still have posts to update on this years Gaia/nature reading challenge but since the challenge is continuing into 2023 and rather than leaving everything to the last minute, I thought I would post an initial sign-up page now. To participate just leave a comment below. You don’t have to have a blog, but if … Continue reading 2023 Gaia/nature

More nature reads for younger readers

I am using this week to catch up on some Gaia/nature reads for younger readers, with Christmas rapidly approaching this seems timely. I last posted about Sami Bayly's excellent Illustrated Encyclopedia series: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals, The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dangerous Animals and The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Peculiar Pairs in Nature. This time I want to … Continue reading More nature reads for younger readers

Rare Earth – the dilemma of green energy and digital technology

We live in an age faced with monumental challenge; climate change, environmental degradation, mass extinction, all change largely driven by human activity on this small blue planet. Clearly our insatiable consumption of fossil based energy, is the principle driver of climate instability, and directly or indirectly associated with environmental degradation and the extinction event we … Continue reading Rare Earth – the dilemma of green energy and digital technology