Farmer’s Markets

Helping the environment, fighting climate change, supporting your local community and eating green and healthy can be as simple as shopping at your local farmer's market and Toowoomba benefits from an excellent farmers market where you can source local produce, speak to the grower/farmer/producer and support local, ethical businesses. The Toowoomba Farmer's market which operates … Continue reading Farmer’s Markets

Findings for #BookSnapSunday

“Isn't that a kind of prayer? The care and maintenance of the web of our noticing, the paying heed?” - Kathleen Jamie Findings This week's #BookSnapSunday post features Kathleen Jamie's gorgeous collection of essays Findings, beautiful, lyrical observation that captures moments of observation and experience, a lovely book to read. Findings beautifully evokes Scotland, … Continue reading Findings for #BookSnapSunday

Travel challenge day 6

Just continuing on with the travel challenge. Jackie at the the awesome World Wide Walkies blog, one of my favourite travel blogs, nominated me to participate in the Travel picture challenge. World Wide Walkies is a blogging gem, especially if your aspire to the nomad lifestyle with canine companions. The challenge is about visual images so we … Continue reading Travel challenge day 6