Animal Migrations and Human Quests

“It has been decided by our leaders that economic growth is more important. That the extinction crisis is an acceptable trade for their greed.”― Charlotte McConaghy, Migrations image: José Eugenio Gómez Rodríguez Creative Commons I have completed my first two Gaia/nature reads for 2023 both books deal with the theme of migration or journeys, for both animals … Continue reading Animal Migrations and Human Quests

Some Gaia updates

Just catching up on Gaia/nature reading challenge posts. If you have read anything for the challenge and I have missed it please let me know and I will post a link. Two posts that I have not yet shared are May at Brizzy May's Books and Bruchetta who posted on the lovely children's book Tippy … Continue reading Some Gaia updates


And a Christmas read When did we stop seeing the sacred in trees? When did they become nothing more than a commodity, or worse sometimes just an inconvenience? Woke up this morning thinking about trees. They seem to be haunting my subconscious at the moment. The clearing of old-growth koala habitat has been a bit … Continue reading Trees

Wilderness reading

Gaia/nature reading challenge update, with the end of the year rapidly approaching this will be one of the last 2022 updates, but will continue into 2023 with the new Gaia/nature challenge. I recently read a delightful account of Scottish wildlife in the remote Ardnamurchan region and an absolutely brilliant eco novel that I expect may … Continue reading Wilderness reading

2023 Gaia/nature

I still have posts to update on this years Gaia/nature reading challenge but since the challenge is continuing into 2023 and rather than leaving everything to the last minute, I thought I would post an initial sign-up page now. To participate just leave a comment below. You don’t have to have a blog, but if … Continue reading 2023 Gaia/nature