One of the major tourism events in our home town starts on the 21st of September. This year marks the 70th anniversary of this popular event. Toowoomba’s parks and gardens bloom with masses of colour and the competition of the region’s home gardeners is fierce. The carnival parade is held on the afternoon of Saturday the 21st with other events held over the following week. Tour buses travel between competition gardens and Toowoomba cafes are full of people enjoying the spectacle.

I have visited a couple of the specially prepared parks two weeks before the carnival so they are not quite ready but are still spectacular.

Toowoomba Botanical Gardens

Laurel Bank Park

Another garden that should not be missed is the Japanese Gardens at the University of Southern Queensland.

Visiting these parks is a joy and you see other people also enjoying the parks. Some bring their lunch, others have birthday parties and some just read a book in the peaceful surrounds.

Check it out, Toowoomba is not called the garden city for nothing.

One thought on “Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

  1. Hi G, stunning photos. I love visiting the gardens before Carnival too and I would be hard pressed to sy which one is my favourite. But I agree, even two weeks out, Queens Park and Laurel Bank are looking fabulous.


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