My first attempt at running a subscription box has been a rather small endeavour, I started out with 10 boxes, just to test the market, I guess. All boxes have now gone and and feedback has been positive so now I am planning the next box which will be Autumn 2021, ready for delivery on March 1st. Really excited about the local products that will be included with that one.

The Summer box was created under pressure and the Zine content was a bit limited but with more time to plan, the Autumn 2021 Zine is looking bigger and better. Really excited about the up coming content. While I am on the topic, I am currently looking for stories about great op shop buys, so if you found a treasure in an op shop or a car boot sale or similar and would like to contribute, drop me a line. I am looking for photos of op shop treasure and short descriptions of why you think it is a gem or just comments on the value of op shopping in general for a piece on the value of op shopping and buying second hand. So that is one hint of what is coming in the next zine but there will be a whole lot more. If you do send me content I will send you a copy of the Zine even if you don’t subscribe to the whole box.

My main reason for posting is just to announce that as promised, a $1 from the sale of each box has been donated to our first charity; The Australian Conservation Foundation. Given we started small and only went with 10 boxes it is a relatively small contribution at $10. Hopefully future donations will be more substantial. And on that topic I am currently looking for the next charity to benefit from the sale of the next box. I did hear about a local project rehabilitating koala habitat so thinking that might be a good one to support, any suggestions feel free to let me know.

If you are a regular reader you would already know that the quarterly book box is carefully curated with sustainability and environmental responsibility as the guiding ethos. It is about supporting local sustainable, business and building a better world through a love of reading. A book is the core component of the box.

More information coming soon on the upcoming box.

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