I used to be really engaged with book blogging, for a few reasons that fell by the wayside; at the time I worked with organisations that frowned on social media use. Social media demands trust , something many organisations find very difficult. I also just kind of lost motivation.

Memes were a bit of a thing in the book blogging community and while I never really got into the whole meme thing in a big way, I did participate in some, mostly those related to reading challenges. While Gumtrees and Galaxies is about more than books, books will always be a big part of my life and aware that my ability to come up with new content is sometimes challenged by my own mood, I thought I might start my own meme, just for fun. If anyone would like to join me in this weekly task they are more than welcome to do so and to leave a link in the comments to their own post, whether it be on a blog, Instagram, Facebook or whatever platform they like, I would really love to see what other people would post. I am always curious about what other people are reading. As someone who will read anything and everything, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts on any book here. So the new weekly meme I am starting is Book snap Sunday. I must admit that I have admired beautifully constructed images on Instagram, especially those images artfully displaying books, #bookstagram is one of the # I have regularly perused and used myself. I am not great at photography, I only use the camera on my phone but I do have great respect and admiration for those who do create amazing images. So partly as a little creative goal for myself I have decided to start Book snap Sunday, where one day a week I will post a book photo, initially to Instagram, using the # bookstagram or any other relevant # plus: #booksnapSunday, if anyone would like to join me please feel free to do so, I would love to see what creative images featuring books, others would come up with, if you do join in please leave a comment and link so I can check it out. So starting today, I am going to do a Book snap Sunday post each week, for the fun, creativity and the discipline of a weekly commitment.

This weeks book snap was taken at Springbluff and features the delightful novel Meet me at the Museum, post on that soon.

7 thoughts on “Book snap Sunday: a book photo meme.

  1. What a great idea Sharon. Lovely photo! I’ll be looking forward to your Book Snap Sunday posts. I’m not the greatest photographer either – I just snap with my phone too, but I’ll try to join in when I can.


    1. Thanks Karen wish I was good at photography and I am amazed at some of the great images on Instagram, maybe with some practice I will learn a bit.

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  2. For a number of reasons; I’m no photographer, not on Instagram, can’t participate. This is a lovely idea, but be on the lookout for struggling authors to use it for personal advertising.

    I’m new to your blog (and thank you for finding me!), so I’m going to wait until I catch the “feel” of it before I offer any “deep” observations, but this looks like a site you can sink your teeth into. Looking forward to it!


    1. Hi and welcome Jack, I sort of disappeared off the internet for awhile, hardly ever even looking at facebook let alone anything else but I saw that your writing has continued which is great and your new project sounds awesome. I don’t mind if struggling authors use it for promotion all part of the rich tapestry that is the internet.

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      1. Good evening, Sharon, That’s incredibly generous of you, but not out of character for the wonderful lady formerly known as Arabella. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you not only found me, but made contact. The day I clicked into your old blog and was informed that it was password-protected and I didn’t have it, I figured you were lost to me forever. Now here you are, back from a journey with tales to tell. I’m so glad that you decided to include me in the telling! Pleased to meet you, again. Don’t be a stranger!

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