So just back from a relaxing few days at Red Rock. I am not someone who is drawn to bright lights and crowds, I am happy with quite walks and solitude so I am drawn to quieter less developed places. Places like the Gold Coast are hell on earth to me, to be avoided at all cost. Since having the pod we have explored more, taking turnoffs whenever we stumble across a place name that intrigues, that was how we discovered Red Rock and what a gem of a discovery it has been. A tiny village community, no real shops of any significance, so the kind of place where you need to arrive fully stocked for the stay, although you can get essentials at the Reflections Park shop and there is a Wollies about half an hour down the highway at Woolgoolga. Turning off the highway to Red Rock is like stepping out of time and the rat race. A beautiful location nestled in the Yuraygir National Park. A sleepy village overlooking a significant sea bird nesting sight. The calm waters of the creek offer great kayaking opportunities, while the beach has significant surf.

Despite all the natural beauty the place does have a bit of a sinister history with the headland and creek being the sight of a massacre of the traditional owners. It is worth taking a moment to honour their memory and acknowledge the achievements of the traditional owners the Gumbaingirr people. On the drive in you pass the Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre, well worth a visit, I have seen some amazing art pieces at the gallery and there is a bush tucker cafe offering a traditional fusion type menu.

Cafes are the one element of civilisation that I do enjoy, so the proximity of great coffee shops/cafes in otherwise isolation is a jewel in the crown for any location for me and Red Rock has two; the cafe at the Yarrawarra centre and Rafa’s down the road at Corindi. Rafa’s Cafe, boasts great food, including excellent vegetarian options, fresh juices, smoothies, excellent coffee and a great bacon and egg roll. Dogs are welcome, in fact the cafe seems to have some regular canine clientele. This is one of the friendliest most welcoming cafes you will ever visit. I always suspect there must be something in the water at Red Rock/Corindi the locales are some of the most welcoming and chill people you will ever meet.

We usually stay at the Reflections holiday park at Red Rock, despite being adjacent to a significant nesting site for threatened sea birds, it is dog friendly with additional facilities like a dog hydro bath for canine visitors. The one provision, which is normal for all parks is that dogs must remain on leash at all times. We have added a significant chain to the pod so Ada can be attached to the pod when not out on a walk with us. With us, we keep her on a lead.

The bird life is significant in this area including migratory birds, given the challenges these species are facing they last thing they need is more disruption by humans and canines.

We saw significant numbers of yellow tailed black cockatoos:

On this visit the sky was largely shadowed with a major bush fire haze so the actual red colour of the rocks, a red jasper seems quite subdued in most of the photos.

Next time we visit we might try and stay at the neighbouring Reflections park at Corindi, which is also dog friendly, right on the beach and next to the wonderful Rafa’s Cafe. I have added the Coffs Coast tourism video of Red Rock below it captures the natural beauty so much better than we have.

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