Decided to continue the Gum trees and Galaxies tradition of hosting the Gaia/Nature reading challenge. Afraid I have been a bit slack over the last few months falling into a bit of a slump. Back on track again.

To participate just leave a comment below. You don’t have to have a blog, but if you do blog, feel free to leave a link back to your blog and feel free to use the badge above. The 2022 mascot is a sugar glider, had heaps of fun playing with Canva to create the badge. You can also leave a link back to your Goodreads, Facebok, or Instagram account if those are the platforms you would like to record your reads on.

I will create another short book bingo in the coming days but there are no real rules. Pledge to read as many or as few nature themed books as you would like. I feel confident to commit to reading at least one nature or environment themed book for each month of the year. The titles you choose can be either fiction or non-fiction they just have to have a bit of a nature or environment theme to them. You might get some ideas here on the Gum trees and Galaxies list of nature themed reading. The list is a work in progress and I will be updating it over the Christmas break, at the moment each title links to its GoodReads page and or a blog review to give you more information. There will be more information to come, but for now, if interested in joining please leave a comment and feel free to link to your preferred social media platform.

Got any suggestions on how to make the challenge fun? I would love to hear them so please leave a comment and if you would like to joint host this challenge with me also let me know. How about suggestions for some monthly themes? I am thinking about starting the year off with a focus on kids nature books in January. So many great kids books on this theme and a fun gentle way to ease into the reading year.

The challenge will officially start from the 1st of January 2022 and run until the 31st of December 2022. You can sign up now via the comments on this post. It is optional if you want to pledge to read particular titles but I would love to know what others are reading.

32 thoughts on “2022 Nature Reading Challenge Sign up

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for responding this way, but I can’t leave a comment because I can’t access my WordPress account and customer service hasn’t been much help with that. But I’d love to join the challenge.

    Below is my profile on Goodreads.

    To make it fun, I was thinking we could share a fun fact or favorite quote from each book read.

    All the best, Sharon

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  2. Hi Sharon, yes count me in again. I’ve been a bit slack too lately. I’m blaming Covid fatigue and general exhaustion from trying to juggle too many things at once. I don’t really have a list of books yet, but I’ve been surprised to find nature/environmental themes in books I would never have guessed. Favourite quote is an excellent idea. I’ll try to be more diligent in actually writing up reviews of books I have read in 2022. Have a great new year!

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    1. Hi, Karen you have always been much more diligent than I have! Covid fatigue seems to be a big thing at the moment. Looking forward to seeing your reviews.

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      1. Thanks, I am still hoping to catch up with a few reviews from 2021, as well as keeping more on track for this year. The fatigue we are all feeling does make you wonder about the war years, about how people just had to keep slogging on, wondering when the end was in sight and how that might have affected them in the long term.

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      2. That is such a great point, life has been so easy really when you think about it. I think maybe we should all be doing a bit of reflection on history at the moment.

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      3. Sometimes we are so busy living life we never stop to think that one day in the future there will be historians looking back at our lives and studying it. I wonder what they will make of the Covid era.

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